Over the years we’ve had hundreds of clients to our Reiki Tummo Healing Clinic in Los Angeles, with so many beautiful results. Below are some of the testimonials they’ve left as client feedback for their sessions:


“I came into the healing session with a migraine headache and now I don’t have one!!!! I feel energized physically and emotionally and able to continue the rest of my day with a more loving attitude towards myself and others.”

“Amazing! I was frazzled, stressed, and unfocused as usual when I came in. I felt such an intense experience. I felt goosebumps all over my body during the session. I feel really focused, happier and so relaxed. It made me feel and realize how much I need to slow down and take more time for me. I learned and felt a great deal. I feel like a different person as if I just work up from a 12 hour sleep. So peaceful, like floating through the air.”

“I feel very relaxed, balanced and happy. The neck pain is gone. I can breathe freely without being tense. Incredibly beautiful feeling of joy, being loved and free. Thank you for such an amazing experience.””

“Before I felt okay and I felt a little different during the session but near the end felt a lot better. To me the biggest indicator was the fact that I am still recovering from my sprained ankle. It’s still recovering and I was feeling it a lot more during the session but after the session, I felt a big difference. My ankle and foot felt almost no pain. I really wasn’t expecting to have my ankle feel that much better but I guess letting go of the negative energy really helped. I feel much better.”

“I am rendered speechless. The energy from so many divine individuals was like the warmest blanket of love I have ever felt. Thank you.”

“I felt a tingling sensation on the surface of my skin and warmth spread in my body, random thoughts that were somewhat like dreams even though I was awake.” 

“I feel wonderful. I have migraines very often and before I came for session today, I had a bad headache. Usually it does not go till I take medicine, but some time during the healing session, it vanished. That is really good. I would like to experience again and again and also would love to learn it. Thank you for arranging this. This is totally empowering for me.”

“I instantly felt relaxed. I felt like I sunk into my body, then floated on a leaf while I fell asleep.”

“Very relaxing. I felt energy inside as well as outside of my body. Wonderful feeling.”

“I am learning to love myself on a level, I was unaware of. I feel so good about my experience. I feel as though the concerns and stress that I walked in with has left. My body and spirit feel renewed.

“I felt so much bliss and lighter and kind of in a trance state. I felt the energy working in the middle of my spine, heart and third eye centers. I felt like transported into a different dimension where everything is perfect and blissful. Incredible joy-incredible bliss-incredible energy. I wish everyone experience this at least once!

“It was such a peaceful, pleasant feeling to be a receiver of the Love and Light.  I could feel the room getting bright around me.  The sensations of Love was going through all parts and organs of my body.  Although some busy thoughts were coming to my mind, the Love was stronger and was able to quiet the busyness.  By the end of the session, I felt relaxed, calm and bright.

“Amazing sensation of total relaxation.  Complete loss of tension in areas where I typically hold it – no clenched teeth, for example.  Lovely tingling feeling OVERALL!  Fabulous – Thank you!

“I feel great.  It was an amazing experience that brought me into a beautiful loving, joyful and light sensation.

“Feel like I was under the sunlight and be held by mother like a baby. Felt so welcomed by everyone and my true self.”

“It was a very nice experience, I felt really relaxed and painfree.”

“I feel like I am floating, like I got a full body massage.  Thank you for the beautiful experience.”

“I loved having literally no pain and it helped me realize how long it’s been since I experienced that!”

“Feel very relaxed and light. Floating. It felt like I was in a white mist just experience drifting and letting go.”

“Very peaceful and positive. I came with some things on my mind that have now lifted and feel much lighter and detached, but with love. I also feel very grateful for the experience and for those open and loving enough to devote their time and channeling such loving and healing energy.”

“Light, warm, walking on cloud now. Felt lightness all over, warmth enveloping me. Especially on face, chest and on top of my hands. Heart became lighter.”

“I feel extremely relaxed throughout my body. I could feel waves of energy that helped me to relax and let go of tension. It was easy to smile while touching my heart and to laugh at the end of the healing.”

Testimonial from the mom of a child that was born with a congenital heart defect. She’s had open chest surgery twice, open heart surgery once and several heart cauterization’s (angioplasty):

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on Alyssa and I. We just came back from the doctor’s office and Alyssa is doing great since her open heart surgery. He has lifted all restrictions from her. She is so happy! Thank you so much for all your healing and help you have been giving from over there. I really do believe it has made a difference in both of our lives. She was so strong going through all of this! It was amazing! I too felt more at ease and at peace and better equipped and was better able to handle all of this. My pain too has been somewhat more manageable. Thank you all so much for all you have and continue to do! It has truly made a difference especially during this really difficult time in our lives! I really believe your help has helped her heal faster and helped me get her and myself through as well. Thank you!”

“I feel loved…and relaxed and I am very keen to learn more. I am very grateful for the experience.”

“Absolutely beautiful and amazing. I could feel the gentle loving sweet joyfilled energy moving through my body. At time I fel like I was floating and then I also felt like the energy was moving thru me – from the top of my head through my body to my toes out and back around again. I know the energy was clearing my physical chakras, my mind, my spirit, my soul. I felt so loved and light. I am grateful that I know that I can take this with me touching my heart – smiling to my heart. Also felt clicks on the top of my neck. And as I notice it feel looser, more relaxed – energy flowing more freely. I am grateful and thankful and so glad. I am looking forward to Reiki Tummo 1 & 2 workshops.”

“It was so relaxing. My body started expanding with the feeling of numbness. It’s always a blessing to go back and feel the flow of the cosmos. I’m very grateful with everyone. It was an awesome experience.”

“I feel cleaner than before, as if something washed something out of me – I feel more relaxed, better senses. During the session I stopped feeling individual limbs like my right and left arm, I didn’t know where they were. I felt like one single string of my body, I never felt that before! Awesome!”

“I felt inceredibly relaxed & at peace. I felt this calming pressure come over my entire body. Some parts of my body felt more of this pressure than others, but it was amazing. I felt rejuvenated and calm. It was wonderful. I didn’t think I would fall asleep but I did.”

“I felt a little uncomfortable at first. But then I began to relax. I felt a rush go down my body and come out my feet. At one time it felt like little needles lightly go down my body then they went away. I feel like I’m in a dream right now but relaxed. I used to have numbness on my right knee. The feeling has seemed to come back.”

“I feel at peace. Felt energy move through my body. Feeling super relaxed and happy. A wonderful experience. Thank you!”

“The minute I walked into the loft space, I could feel the energy…then when before the session, the energy was moving. During the session, I could feel energy moving and seeminly things clearing. I feel amazing and relaxed. Thank you all!”

“It was a very beautiful and peaceful experience. I could feel warm energy moving through me and at the end I felt some emotion that have been very deep within leave me. It was all peaceful and gentle. I am grateful. Bless you ALL.”

“My whole body felt like wrapped by warm light. I was very relaxed. I was aware half the time but fell asleep after. My wristwas in pain and so was my back, but now those pain are gone!! very surprised!! Thank you so much!!”

“Feeling overflowing positive energy, love and light, feeling much more relaxed and less pain in my joints.”

“It is hard to find words to describe my feelings. My feelings and experience with Reiki Tummo and Open Heart are continuously evolving and deepening. It is like walking along the most beautiful nature trail one can imagine and taking in all the sights, scents, smell and intense wonder and beauty of this world. It is not a journey to be missed.”

“Feeling quite comfortable after the reiki. Feel relaxed, stress free, happy from within. A wonderful peaceful overall feeling. Thank you and God bless you ALL!”

“All my heart is open and I feel tranquil.”

“Fantastic! Reiki Tummo goes right tot he core, working from the inside out and it removes all negative energy. Thank you!”

“Exquisitely calm, lighter, more expansive and happy. I feel less pain in my sprained wrist.”

“I felt very relaxed and in tune with myself inside. At a certain point, I felt like I was on a roller coaster being pulled down hard, but as soon as that passed, I was very light.”

“I feel very relaxed. This is my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that my life is so stressful that I don’t know how to relax. I was surprised that I was able to. Thank you!”


“”Full of love and peace, very relaxing.  Shoulder pain dissapeared almost immediately after starting healing session. Very thankful for the experience.” M.M.

“”At the drop of Mary’s tone when she asked those laying to disregard her voice, my body distended in time. I felt the most serene and incredible feeling that my world as it has been created in my mind and heart felt most in place of the love and light within me shine at most to others began to shine within and waking up. It really felt as though I woke up. It was incredible!” J.M.

“Amazingly relaxed, at peace, in love, happy, joyful, at ease, harmonious, equanimous. Was so easy and come out of stress entirely and worry. I’d built up tension and upset and unable to forgive others. -Released.”

“Felt peaceful, good energy flowing through. Alleviated my physical sensations of anxiety.”